June 28th, 2010

Google Summer of Code, Update 3: More Live Demos

Just a quick update this time. The scxml-js is moving right along, as I’ve been adding support for new features at, on average, a rate of about a feature per day. Today, I reached an interesting milestone, which is that scxml-js is now as featurful as the old SCCJS compiler which I had previously been using in my research. This means that I can now begin porting the demos and prototypes I constructed using SCCJS to scxml-js, as well as begin creating new ones.

New Demos

Here are two new, simple demos that illustrate how scxml-js may be used to to describe and implement behaviour of web User Interfaces (tested in recent Firefox and Chromium; will definitely not work in IE due to its use of XHTML):

Both examples use state machines to describe and implement drag-and-drop behaviour of SVG elements. The first example is interesting, because it illustrates how HTML, SVG, and SCXML can be used together in a single compound document to declaratively describe UI structure and behaviour. The second example illustrates how one may create state machines and DOM elements dynamically and procedurally using JavaScript, as opposed to declaratively using XML markup. In this example, each dynamically-created element will have its own state machine, hence its own state.

I think the code in these examples is fairly clean and instructive, and should give a good sense regarding how scxml-js may ultimately be used as a finished product.

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