January 28th, 2010


I was forced to learn Docbook for the SVG Open 2009 conference, which asks all of their users to submit in Docbook format. I found it cumbersome and confusing to set up, but, once I had put in place all of my tool support, I actually found it to be a very productive format for authoring structured documents.

Similar in concept to Latex, I now prefer to use Docbook for all of my technical writing. I like it because it’s XML (this is a matter of personal taste, but I like XML as a markup format), because it is environment-agnostic (I prefer to edit in Vim, but Eclipse includes great XML tooling and integration with version-control systems, and thus is also an excellent choice for a Docbook-editing environment), and because, thanks to the Apache FOP and Batik projects, it’s very easy to create PDF documents which include SVG images.

Still, I could never forget the initial pain involved in setting up Docbook, and so I’ve created docbook-ant-quickstart-project, a project to reduce this initial overhead for new users. From the project description:

Docbook is a great technology for producing beautiful, structured documents. However, learning to use it and its associated tools can involving a steep learning curve. This project aims to solve that problem by packaging everything needed to begin producing rich documents with Docbook. Specifically, it packages the Docbook schemas and XSL stylesheets, and the Apache FOP library and related dependencies. It also provides an Ant script for compilation, and includes sample Docbook files. Thus, the project assembles all of the components required to allow the user to begin creating PDF documents from Docbook XML sources quickly and easily.

I spent a long time looking for a similar project, and, surprisingly, didn’t find too much in this space. I did find one project which has precisely the same goals, but it relies on make and other command-line tools typically found on Unix platforms. Right now, I’m on Windows, and Cygwin has been problematic since Vista, so Ant and Java are a preferred solution. Also, by using Ant and Java, it is very easy to begin using this project in Eclipse.

I hope Docbook enhances your productivity as much as it has mine :)

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